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  • Strife
    Requires Nightblade
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    Medium duration DoT that leaches health from your enemy and gain a portion of it to the Nightblade.
    Unlocked at Siphoning Rank 1
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    Strife is a health leaching DoT effect that damages the target and heals the Nightblade. The spell does not give you the whole leached health. You will receive only a part of it. Anyway this skill is very beneficial.

    One of the best advantages of this skill is the radius. It is big enough to apply the effect to a target without getting close. You can use this advantage in different situation. For example you can use Strife in a combination with Cripple when you need to kill escaping foe. This combination will decrease the speed of the enemy and will deal damage. Strife is a great spell for kiting an enemy. You can place this DoT on your target and run away. Then place it once more. Of cource the only DoT will not be able to deal significant damage but if you combine it with other DoT effects your enemy will be in trouble.

    The other advantage is that Strife damages the foe even if you are “deactivated” and can not participate in battle because of some reason. It doesn’t matter if you are under control or not. You may be stunned, snared, blocked or trapped. The Strife will deal the damage and heal you anyway. It is a rather good bonus.

    The spell can also be used to restore some health. Just place it on the enemy and run out of battle. You will receive healing and will be able to return into the battle later.

    A great way to use Strife is to place it on the enemy which is already trapped by your ally. The cumulative effect of several spells will help your team to restore Ultimate points faster because of synergy.

    Tier 1 Morphing

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    1. Mixalis Dobs 13 march 2014, 10:04 # 0
      Hello, does strife stack if I apply another «strife» before the last one ends? And basically does this happen with any DoT effect? Or do they simply refresh?

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