Spear Shards

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Spear Shards
Requires Templar
Cast Time Instant
Cost Magicka
Type: Active
Send your spear into the heavens to bring down a shower of divine wrath, dealing [1039 / 1050 / 1061 / 1072] Magic Damage to enemies in the area and an additional 189 Magic Damage every 1 second for 8 seconds. An ally near the spear can activate the ​ Blessed Shards synergy, restoring 3960 Magicka or Stamina, whichever maximum is higher.

Spear Shards is Templar’s spell that can be learned in Aedric Spear line. Templar summons several spears that attack enemies in the target area dealing damage. One enemy will be disoriented. An ally can pick up spear and receive 15% bonus to damage. The caster will also receive such bonus.

It is an AoE spell that attacks enemies in the area. As you can see the spell can be used with maximum efficiency if your allies know about extra bonuses from picking up a spear. The speed bonus granted by the spell is very beneficial, but someone must activate it. Otherwise 15% bonus will not be given to anyone and the opportunity to get it will disappear.

It is great when the main damage dealer of your party picks up a spear activating the bonus for himself. He will receive extra power and will be able to increase DPS. Thus you will get maximum efficiency. Maybe it makes sense to reach agreement abut who will have priority in picking up a spear in your group before entering dungeon. But don’t forget that it is better to activate a bonus by healer than to lose the opportunity. Any player of the group must pay attention to the spear and must be ready to activate it.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type
Luminous Shards Active
Blazing Spear Active

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