Soul Shriven in Coldharbour [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Oblivion
Location: Coldharbour
Required Level: 1

Text of the Quest:

Soulshriven Signet

I died, but that was only the beginning ....

I awoke in Oblivion. My body is intact but my soul has been torn from my body. I must find a way out of this nightmare place to reclaim what was lost to me, or I will be damned for all eternity.I need to find a weapon. There are a number of racks nearby. I should have plenty of options.


  • Choose and Equip a Weapon
  • Enter the Ashen Mines
  • Reach the Towers of Eyes
  • Destroy a Coldharbour Sentinel
  • Reach the Prophet's Cell
  • Talk to Cardwell
  • Enter the Undercroft
  • Disable Anchors
  • Enter the Anchor Mooring
  • Get to the Mooring Base
  • Collect the Skyshard
  • Use Rift to Escape to Tamriel

Soul Shriven in Coldharbour is the first quest every player gets in ESO. You will receive it automatically once you appear in the game. It is an introduction that will help you to get familiar with the game. You appear in a prison and your task is to escape from here. The general difficulty is that the prison is in one of planes of Oblivion – Coldharbor. It is a place where the main antagonist – Molag Bal - lives. You need to find Prophet and he will help you to escape. You will receive 1 skyshard for this quest.

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