Shadow Cloak

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Shadow Cloak
Requires Nightblade
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
- Gain invisibility for short duration
- You don't regenerate magicka while invisible
Unlocked at Shadow Rank 1

Shadow Cloak is a great ability that makes Nightblade real assassin. The difference between a fighter and professional assassin is that assassin can disappear anytime. Shadow Cloak is the ability you can use for that. When you activate the skill your character receives temporary invisibility that covers you and your enemy can not see you. The plus of this skill is that it can be used while you are in battle.

Every character in ESO can sneak but you can sneak only if you are not in battle. You can’t use it while fighting against enemies. In this situation invisibility is the best way to suddenly disappear from the battlefield.

Shadow Cloak works similar to different rogue spells from other MMO games. The goal of this ability is to let your character disappear in the middle of the fight. You can use this skill to get time for sudden attack or for escaping.

You can use Shadow Cloak to get close to the enemy before the battle without being detected. It is a very good way of getting an advantage in the fight.

This ability can also be used in PvE when you see that a group of monsters are attacking you and you can not win. Shadow Cloak can also help you in dungeon to switch monsters’ attention from you to the other player. For example a boss can start attacking you and you can’t escape. Try Shadow Cloak and the boss will switch to the other player.

This ability can be Morphed into

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