Rune Focus

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  • Rune Focus
    Requires Templar
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    Create area of self protection for 12 seconds:
    - Increases armor and spell resistance by 20
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    Rune Focus creates an area of self protection around your character. Templar receives immunity to interrupt spells and take less damage. Such protection affects your power and you deal less damage than usually.

    It is very good spell for a tank or healer. Any healer will definitely like the immunity to interruption. This effect allows to cast healing spells without fear of being interrupted by enemy. You will have enough time to restore a lot of health while the spell is active. Any Tank will like extra protection.

    There is only one minus – Rune Focus also decreases your power and you deal less damage. If you want to get rid of this effect you can just leave an area.

    If you see that enemy Templar is standing in self protection area created by Rune Focus you can use any spell to pull the enemy towards you. Templar will leave the area and will lose all his extra protection and immunity. For example Dragon Knight can use Fiery Reach for this. Just remember that your goal is to pull enemy Templar out of the area.

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