Refreshing Shadow

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Refreshing Shadow
Requires Nightblade
Type: Passive
Activating Shadow ability gains you bonus stamina regeneration.

Refreshing Shadow is a Passive ability that increases stamina regeneration every time you use Shadow skills.

This skill will help you very much if you combine Shadow skills with Weapon and Armor skills. Do not forget that class skills use Magicka energy and Weapon and Armor skills use stamina.

Refreshing Shadow is also great for those players who like to sneak. As you know you need a lot of stamina in order to sneak a lot. The more stamina you have the faster the regeneration should be in order to regenerate all the stamina fast. Refreshing Shadow is a very good helper in for such players.

The good thing about this passive is that strength of the effect does not depend on the number of Shadow abilities slotted on the hotbar. Many of the passives in Elder Scrolls Online have progressive effects that depend on the number of abilities slotted. The more abilities from specific school you have the stronger the effect is. But Refreshing Shadow works differently. You can have only 1 shadow ability and every time you activate it the maximum bonus will be activated gaining you extra percentage based stamina regeneration.

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