Radial Sweep

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Radial Sweep
Requires Templar
Cast Time Instant
Cost Ultimate
Type: Ultimate
Swing your Aedric spear around with holy vengeance, dealing [1887 / 1907 / 1928 / 1949] Magic Damage to all nearby enemies and an additional [941 / 952 / 962 / 972] Magic Damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

Radial Sweep is a powerful magic attack that allows to damage all nearby enemies in 5 meter range. Templar concentrates all his energy in one strong shot and hits all enemies around him. As you can see it is an AoE spell. Radius of the strike grows when you level it up.

The best way to use the spell is to go deep into a group of enemies and hit them all with this massive attack. Do not forget that it is an Ultimate ability and requires recharging. Though Radial Sweep does not cost too much Ultimate energy, try to use it in appropriate situations when you can damage several enemies around you. If you see that you can hit only one target – try to avoid using Radial Sweep. You will spend your ultimate points and will not deal a lot of damage. Reactive combat is based on your estimation of current situation. You must be flexible in order to win. Your attacks must deal maximum damage.

Radial Sweep is not only PvP ability. Yes, it is extremely effective in PvP, but try to use the attack in any dungeon and you will see its strength. The spell can be effectively used when a boss summons a lot of helpers or when a group of monsters attack your team. I am sure your allies will like this awesome spell and will be inviting you to the group again and again.

Radial Sweep is a great ability for massive combat. Do not forget: the more foes you hit - the better. This outstanding attack makes Templar a very dangerous opponent on any battlefield.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type
Empowering Sweep Active
Crescent Sweep Active

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