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  • Mending
    Requires Templar
    Type: Passive
    Increases critical strike chance of Restoring Light abilities on any ally with low health.
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    Mending allows Templar to concentrate his energy and help those who really need heal. If health of the target is low Templar can restore its HP much better. This passive increases critical strike chance of Restoring Light abilities on any ally with low health. It is a passive skill for true healers. If you want to be the best healer in your group this passive is a “must have”. It increases your HPS.

    Critical strike chance is a characteristic of any spell: combat and healing. Many players think that only combat spells can deal extra damage with critical strikes. But healing spells also have their critical strike chance. That means sometimes you will restore extra hit points of your allies when you cast restoration spells. It is a very pleasant extra bonus. Though extra effect is great it is impossible to control it and it is impossible to predict when this extra effect will occur. Sometimes it will work, sometimes not but overall effect of restoration magic becomes better.

    Mending will help you to become savior of lives. Critical healing effect allows restoring health faster spending less Magicka energy.

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