Mark Target

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Mark Target
Requires Nightblade
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
- Mark a target for death
- Your attacks ignore 50% of the target's resistances, and their attacks ignore 50% of your resistances
- Killing the marked target heals you

Mark Target allows you to focus on killing the specific target. You place a mark on high health target and all your attacks ignore any resistances of the enemy. His attacks also ignore your resistances. When you kill the target you receive a good portion of healing.

How to use

First of all this spell can be applied to high health target only. If your target is low health you will not be able to use the spell. Thus you should use the spell in the beginning of the fight. The range is rather big and allows to mark a target in advance.

Mark Target works great when your target attacks someone else. For example in PvE when a boss attacks the tank. You can mark the boss and you will deal good damage without taking attacks.

This spell is not so effective in duels because your enemy attacks you and his attacks also ignore your resistances. That’s why you should use the ability combining it with Blur and Haste in such situations. Blur will allow you to evade some of the attacks and Haste will increase you attack speed.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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