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  • Hemorrhage
    Requires Nightblade
    Type: Passive
    Every Assassination ability on your current hotbar increases critical strike damage.
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    Hemorrhage is a passive skill of Nightblade class. It increases bonus critical strike damage for each Assassination ability on your current hotbar. The ability works similar to Pressure Points. The only difference is that Pressure Points increases critical strike chance and Hemorrhage increases critical strike damage.

    The efficiency of Hemorrhage depends on the quantity of Assassination abilities that are slotted on your hotbar. The more abilities you have the better. If your favorite skill path is Assassination you must invest skill points in this great passive. Your critical strikes will become much stronger. This passive works great with Pressure Points. Your critical strikes will become stronger and will occur more often. This combination of passives will make your attacks really dangerous.

    Hemorrhage gives you extra critical damage but only if you have Assassination spells on your hotbar. There must be at least one spell to gain the bonus from Hemorrhage. One spell will not give you great amount of extra damage but anyway you will get the bonus. If you switch to the hotbar with no Assassination spells slotted there you will not receive any bonus. Keep this in mind during the fight. Do not forget that Pressure Points also have such interesting feature.

    Hemorrhage and Pressure Points will give you great advantage if you specialize in Assassination and use all the spells from this path.

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