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Requires Nightblade
Type: Passive
Killing an enemy with an Assassination ability restores some Magicka.

Executioner is a very beneficial passive of the Nightblade. Every time you kill an enemy with Assassination ability you restore some Magicka energy.

You may say: “I am not a mage, I am an assassin. I do not need any buff that restores Magicka.” And you will be wrong. The reason is because all class skills in ESO consume Magicka energy. If you want to hit your enemy with Death Stroke, Assassin’s Blade, Teleport Strike and so on you will need Magicka. It is the general resource pool for those who prefer to use a lot of class skills. Thus Executioner will be a very good passive for any Nightblade who specializes in using Assassination skills.

Do not forget that Executioner allows you to restore Magicka only if you finish the target with Assassination ability. If you kill the target with a simple attack, power attack, Shadow ability or other spell you will not restore Magicka energy. So the best way to finish the target is to use Assassination ability. There are a lot of skills that allow to kill low health target without troubles.

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