Emperor Skills

Emperor Skill line is locked when you start playing Elder Scrolls Online but you can unlock it participating in Alliance War in Cyrodiil. Cyrodiil is one of the locations in ESO. It’s the only PvP zone in the game where three alliances are fighting against each other for the Ruby Throne. The highest ranking player of the winning alliance crowns the Emperor. You can read more about the Emperor and about how to get this status in our article: Emperor - Full Guide.

Now let’s get back to Emperor skills. You should know that the only way to get this skill line is to become Emperor meaning you need to be the best player in your alliance and your alliance must control 6 keeps around Imperial City. Only these two conditions allows you to get the skill line and great bonuses for Emperorship.

It is really difficult to get Emperor status and this skill line is the most difficult to get in the game. But if you once unlock it once, it will stay with your character forever.

Spell Type
Domination Passive
Authority Passive
Monarch Passive
Tactician Passive
Emperor Passive

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