Death Stroke

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Death Stroke
Requires Nightblade
Cast Time Instant
Type: Ultimate
Very powerful attack that deals direct damage. Strength of the strike depends on your Ultimate pool. Also applies a debuf that decease efficiency of all healing received by the target.

Death Stroke is an Ultimate attack that deals direct damage to your enemy and applies debuff that decreases efficiency of all healing effects. The first rank of the spell reduces efficiency of healing by 75%! Damage of the spell depends on the amount of Ultimate points you have. The more points you have – the higher the damage will be.

This spell is great in duel or PvP. The most important effect of this attack is that the target can not restore health fast or will have to spend a lot of Magicka energy for making health pool full. It is a very effective spell against healers and all other classes. The debuff decreases healing from all sources: spells, healing portions and other.

How to use

As you see the attack does not have AoE effects and deals damage to the single target. That means you can use the spell regardless the number of surrounding enemies. But you should use it against target with enough health. In most situations it does not make sense to use Death Stroke against low health target. There are many other spells with high damage that can be used for killing the enemy with one shot. Death Stroke can efficiently be used against strong enemy to deal damage and decrease his incoming healing.

Death Stroke is a very good opening attack. You can sneak and hit the enemy with this spell from shadow. The target will receive high damage and will be confused because of this sudden attack and low efficiency of healing. This will give you advantage that can lead to your win.

What to do if enemy Nightblade hits you with Death Stroke? You should try to stun him. It is difficult to fight against the enemy when you can not restore your health as usually. That’s why your first reaction must be using stun or other trap. Then you should dispel the debuff and restore your health.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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