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Requires Lycanthropy
Type: Passive
- On a full moon, return to the werewolf ritual site and turn another player into a werewolf
- Turned players earn the werewolf skill line
- Cannot turn players infected with vampirism
Unlocked at Lycanthropy Rank 6

Bloodmoon is a passive ability of Werewolves allowing them to turn other players into werewolves near ritual site. You can do this once every 7 days, meaning it’s rather difficult to become Werewolf.

It is impossible to bite a player infected with Vampirism. Thus you can’t be werewolf and vampire simultaneously.

This skill opens a lot of roleplaying opportunities for Werewolf RP gilds to create their own rituals of accepting new members.

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  1. Luke Peterson 21 may 2014, 22:00 # 0
    Can ANY wild werewolves infect you? and if you can, can you only be infected when its a full moon?

    (wild werewolves for aldmeri dominion)-
    Grahtwood to the right of the grey mire wayshrine is a constant spawn point

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