Balanced Warrior

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Balanced Warrior
Requires Templar
Type: Passive
Permanemtly increases power of your weapons and increases your resistance to spells

Balanced Warrior is a passive ability of Templar class. It belongs to Aedric Spear magic school. This passive makes you better warrior giving you several great bonuses. It increases power of your weapon and increases your resistance to spells. You start dealing more damage and get increased survivability because you have increased resistance to magic.

Balanced Warrior is an outstanding passive for any Templar regardless the specialization. Of course if you play as a damage dealer or a tank and always take a lot of damage this passive will help you a lot. It also can be helpful if you play as a healer because magic resistance is always necessary. Balanced Warrior is a good passive for any role.

If you do not specialize in using Aedric Spear spells it will be difficult to reach Balanced Warrior passive, because it requires 39th rank. But anyway you need to master it sooner or later in order to receive passive defense. You will have time for this after reaching max level.

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