Aspect of Terror

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  • Aspect of Terror
    Requires Nightblade
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    Crowd control ability that fears nearby enemies.
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    Aspect of Terror is a crowd control ability of Nightblade in ESO. The ability fears nearby enemies. Players, whose characters are affected by fear, can not control the characters for a short period of time. Feared characters also run away from battle.

    It is a very unpleasant ability for your enemy. Players don’t like to loose control over their characters. It will provoke them to dispel the effect. Any action that enemy takes in order to dispel Aspect of Terror will require Magicka or Stamina. Thus you force enemy to spend his energy.

    There is a spell called “Fear” in single player TES games. It also allows the character to fear enemies. The only difference between these two spells is duration. Aspect of Terror in Elder Scrolls Online has much shorter duration than Fear spell in Skyrim. And it is good because if it was possible to feat the target for 30 seconds – all would play as Nightblades.

    Aspect of Terror it is a very good ability for PvP because it gives you time for healing or for disappearing. Enemies flee from battle and can not fight for several seconds. You can use this time for getting better position or for restoring health.

    The ability is great but on low levels it affects only 2 enemies. For some situations it may be not enough. PvP battles in Cyrodiil are huge and you will face with a lot of enemies. Anyway it is great to fear 2 enemies.

    You can use Aspect of Terror when you need to escape. Just fear the enemy and he will run away for some seconds. In most situations it will be enough for escaping.

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