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  • Transfer
    Requires Nightblade
    Type: Passive
    Gains Ultimate Points every time you deal damage with Siphoning ability
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    Transfer is an outstanding passive that gains Ultimate Points every time Nightblade deals damage with Siphoning abilities. It is a very useful spell in any situation that allows to recharge Ultimate attacks faster. As you know Ultimate Abilities are the strongest in ESO and Transfer will allow you to use these powerful attacks very often.

    The spell will give you Ultimate points when you attack enemies with Soul Shred, Strife, Agony or Cripple. If you specialize in using Siphoning abilities, Transfer will fill your Ultimate pool and will recharge your Ultimate ability very fast. This passive allows you to use your Ultimate attacks more often and deal more damage.

    There is a good trick that can be done using this passive. Two hotbars allow player to have 2 ultimate spells. You can fill the ultimate pool with Siphoning spells and then switch to the other hotbar and cast your second Ultimate if you see that it is better for current situation.

    Transfer gives you more flexibility and freedom in using Ultimate attacks.

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