Soul Siphoner

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Soul Siphoner
Requires Nightblade
Type: Passive
Increases healing effect of Siphoning abilities

Soul Siphoner is a passive ability of the Nightblade class. The skill increases the amount of healing you and your allies receive from siphoning spells.

It is a very good passive that increases survivability of your character and your allies. The passive affects Soul Shred and Strife spells. These two spells have healing effect. Soul Shred allows to activate Leeching Strike synergy that will heal your allies. Strife is a DoT that heals you and damages the target simultaneously.

Though Soul Siphoner affects the efficiency of only 2 spells it gives a rather good healing boost. The first rank increases the healing by 15%. The overall effect of this passive can be very good if you apply Strife to multiple targets simultaneously.

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