Solar Flare

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Solar Flare
Requires Templar
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
- Deals x Magic damage to target
- Next attack against target and nearby enemies gain weapon power and spell power
- This bonus does not apply to Solar Flare, Dark Flare, or Solar Barrage

Solar Flare is Templar’s ability from Dawn’s Wrath school. The spell deals magic damage to the target and nearby enemies. Enemies will also receive increased damage from the next attack.

The spell works great when you fight against group of enemies. It has 2 effects: deals direct damage and makes enemies take additional damage from the next attack. To use this ability with maximum effect you should strike enemies with a powerful spell after Solar Flare. The next attack should be as strong as possible because additional damage is percentage based. The more damage you deal the better the additional effect will be. You can for example cast Solar Flare and then use your Ultimate Ability. This extremely powerful sequence of attacks will deal a lot of damage.

Solar Flare is a great way to deal a lot of damage to a group of players. If you see that several enemies are standing near each other try to avoid attacking only one of them. Such situation can be used for hitting several enemies at once. There are many spells that can be used for this. One of the possible variants is to cast Solar Flare to deal massive damage. Elder Scrolls Online has reaction based combat. A player should estimate the situation on the battlefield and act according the situation. You should try to maximize effect of your attacks.

This ability can be Morphed into

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