Mephala [NPC]

Mephala is one of the most powerful Daedric Princes and is considered as the strongest of the recognizable spirits. She emerged soon after Akatosh formed and the time began. The uniqueness of Mephala is that she always appears as different gender, sometimes as a man and sometimes as a woman. Most of Daedric Princes usually appear as the same gender. For example Molag Bal is always male. But she does not. She can change her gender depending on her needs and goals. But most of the statues of Mephala show her as a woman because she appears in the world as a woman very often. Thus her favorite shape in Nirn is woman’s shape.

Her cult is not very popular in Tamriel. For example Akatosh and Arkay are much popular. But Mephala has her worshipres. Most of them live in Morrowind and Elsweyr. Dunmer think that Mephala is the founder of their race. They believe that she helped to found Morag Tong guild. Members of Morag Tong think that strength of Mephala grows with each kill dedicated to her.

Night Mother from Dark Brotherhood is sometimes associated with Mephala.

She is believed to be one of the “good” Daedric Gods. Though the word “good” is not fully correct when you speak about a god, she is an enemy of Molag Bal, Ebonarm and Peryite. Tha’s why she is considered as a good entity.

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