Mannimarco - King of Worms [NPC]

Mannimarco is a famous person in Elder Scrolls Series. He is known as King of Worms and belongs to Altmer race. He appeared in single player TES games - Daggerfall and Oblivion as the King of The Necromancers. You will also meet him in Elder Scrolls Online and he is a very important character here. The page contains all information about this famous dark mage.

In the time of ESO Mannimarco takes active part in political games. He formes a union with current rulers of Cyrodiil - the Tharn family. Political strength of the family is low and they are seeking for help. Mannimarco promises them to use his dark skills in order to resurrect fallen Imperial army. But he wishes to get great political power for that.

Why the King of Worms is looking for political power? Because it is a part of a greater plan of his Master. The King of Worms serves Molag Bal – Daedric prince of domination who wants to merge Nirn and Oblivion. Molag Bal promised to give Mannimarco great powers if he can help in Molag Bal’s dark plans. Maybe he even promised to make Mannimarco god-like. Daedric prince can not influence the world of Nirn directly and that’s why he needs a helper. Mannimarco with his passion to necromancy and his strength is the perfect ally.

Thus The King of Worms is one of the main antagonists in Elder Scrolls Online. He is the right hand man of Molag Bal and plays a very important role in his plans. He is the most important and dangerous person in Tamriel and it seems you will have to face with him sometime…


Mannimarco was born on the island of Artaeum (Summerset Isles). The exact birth date is unknown but it is considered that he was born in 2E 210. His island was home of the Psijic Order, an ancient group of arcane mages. He was a clever boy and was fascinated by arcane arts. The only way for him to become a powerful mage was to join magical order. As you already know there was Psijic Order on his island and he could join it. He was studying and became a respected order member.

When he was a student in Psijic Order he met Vanus Galerion – another perspective student. Mannimarco and Galerion were the best students of the order and became good friends very soon. Though these two guys were friends they had different nature and interests. The heart of Mannimarco was dark and cold and he started to learn Necromancy. He practiced in using Necromancy and trapping souls but his friend Vanus Galerion discovered his dark passion and tried to stop him. He talked to him and tried to save his friend from the path of dark but Mannimarco didn’t listen. He believed that Necromancy is the only path that can bring him power.

After a several years of studying in Psijic Order Mannimarco was sent to the continent with a secret mission. Some sources tell that he was sent forth from Artaeum in order to cover his dark deeds. Vanus saw the situation and he didn’t like that the Order covers Necromancy. He decided to leave the Order. Both guys were talented mages and could find followers. In 2E 230 Vanus Galerion founded Mages Guild – the most famous guild of professional arcane mages. Mannimarco founded his own guild dedicated to necromantic arts. He started to spread his evil cult throughout the whole Tamriel.

His efforts in studying necromancy brought results. He became a powerful necromancer and his guild helped him to become stronger. Finally he could transform into lich. He was the first humanoid who could do it. This evil transformation increased his power even more.

In that time Mages Guild founded by Vanus Galerion became a huge organization. Members of the guild studied arcane arts and helped ordinary people. But the founder did not like the guild. He thought that the guild become "a morass" of political infighting and tortuous bureaucracy. Finally he left his guild and sterted to fight against Necromancy.

Vanus and Mannimarco met each other in a huge battle. Each had his own army of mages. Mannimarco with army of necromancers and Vanus with an army of mages who saw a big threat in necromancers’ cult. Before the battle begun, Vanus asked his foe to surrender and called him Worm King. This is where Mannimarco’s nickname comes from. Of course Mannimarco didn’t want to surrender and the battle begun. A lot of people were killed including Vanus Galerion but the forces of the good won the fight. Mannimarco disappeared.

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