Nocturnal [NPC]

Nocturnal is Daedric Princess of night, darkness and luck. She has a lot of different names such as Night Mistress, the Mistress of Shadows and so on. That’s why she is considered as a patron of the Thieves Guild. Thieves Guild members believe that she protects the guild and helps guild members to succeed. Every thief in Tamriel knows that his luck and his performance as a rogue depends on her.

Statues show her as a beautiful woman in a cloak with two birds sitting on her hands.

As any other Daedric god Nocturnal has several realms in Oblivion. She also has many temples in Tamriel. Her temples are rather strange: there are no priests and worshipers there. She does not demand that. But each thieve knows that she influences his luck and sooner or later she will require to pay for that. If you ask her for some luck she will probably give it to you. But the price of that can be different…

Some people decide to serve Nocturnal as guards of her shrines. For example the Nightingales protect her shrine in Skyrim. Nightingales promise to protect her temples in both life and death. They receive special blessing of Nocturnal in return.

Nocturnal is a creator of several powerful artifacts:
- The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. Legends tell that The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal once belonged to her but was stolen by the first guildmaster of the Thieves Guild - Emer Dareloth. He did that to prove his greatness as a thief. Nobody really knows why she allowed to do that, but many believe it amused her.
- The Skeleton Key is a dream of every thief in ESO because it allows to open any lock in the world.
- The Bow of Shadows. This artifact was originally given to Raerlas Ghile, legendary ranger, for a secret mission. This bow can increase speed of the owner and grant invisibility.

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