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  • Nova
    Requires Templar
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Ultimate
    Deals massive AoE damage, makes enemies weak decreasing their DPS. An ally may activate the super nova synergy, dealing damage and stunning all enemies in the area.
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    Nova is Templar’s Ultimate spell with AoE effect that deals magic damage and makes enemies weaker. It also has synergy effect. If an ally activates synergy, Nova stuns all enemies in the area.

    The spell is very useful in massive PvE battles or in AvA encounters in Cyrodiil. It is important to chose the right time and place for activating the spell. To maximize the effect Templar should apply this spell to an area with many enemies. The more targets are in the area – the better. Of course you can use the ability against one player in duels, but most of the time you will fight in a group and you should not use Nova if only one enemy is alive. It is a waste of your ultimate points.

    Keep in mind that the spell has outstanding synergy that stuns all enemies, but it should be activated by an ally. Maybe you should notify your group that you have Nova available and ask them to activate synergy after you cast the spell. If you allies don’t activate the synergy the opportunity to stun enemies will be lost.

    If you look at the description you will see that the ability deals really high damage and has extra synergy effect, but the cost is also high. You will have to spend most of your Ultimate Points to activate Nova. Try to use the spell with maximum efficiency and keep in mind that it is an Ultimate Ability and requires recharging.

    Tier 1 Morphing

    Spell Type

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