Requires Mages Guild
Cast Time Instant
Cost Ultimate
Type: Ultimate
Caster summons a meteor that deals heavy damages to the target and less damage to all enemies near it. Also knocks back enemies.
Unlocked at Mages Guild Rank 9
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Meteor is an Ultimate ability from Mages Guild skill line. It is a powerful spell that deals heavy fire damage to your target and all enemies near it. Also knocks back enemies. You need to have at least 9th rank in Mages Guild to be able to learn the spell.

Meteor is a great spell for synergies. There are many great ways to use it in battle. For example you can strike a group of rooted, trapped or immobilized players while they are standing near each other.

Meteor is a great tactical spell not only because heavy damage but also because of knocking back effect. You can use this effect in different situations. For example the spell will help you a lot when you are surrounded by foes.

The knocking back effect of Meteor is a great weapon in PvP and in sieges. For example you can hit a group of enemies who want to enter the gate of your keep. They will be damaged and will be knocked back. This may give time to place a trap to stop the enemies. It is possible to use Meteor when you want to knock enemies from the wall. Similar tactics was shown in official video about skill lines. We could see a Dragon Knight who knocked archer from the wall with Dragon Leap. You can do the same using Meteor.

The knocking effect can be used when you want to push enemy into the trap or other area that will deal damage or stun him. This makes Meteor very strong spell that can be used for achieving different goals.

Spell Mages Guild Rank Cast Time Range Radius Cost Effect
Meteor I 9 Instant 28m range 150 ultimate Deals 75 fire damage. Deals 60% to enemies within 5m. Knocks enemies back 8 meters

Tier 1 Morphing

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