Magicka Flood

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Magicka Flood
Requires Nightblade
Type: Passive
Increases Magicka pool when you have at least 1 Siphoning ability slotted on your current hotbar.

Magicka Flood is a passive ability of the Nightblade class that gives additional Magicka energy if you have any Siphoning ability slotted on your hotbar. The Magicka bonus from this passive is rather good and it is easy to get it.

All you need to get benefits from Magicka Flood is to place Siphoning spell on your hotbar. The number of spells doesn’t affect the amount of extra energy. You need to have at least 1 ability to get Magicka boost.

Don’t forget that the bonus is not permanent. You receive extra Magicka only if you have Siphoning spell on your current hotbar. If you switch to the second hotbar where there are no Siphoning spells – the bonus will disappear.

This passive can stimulate player to mix Assassination or Shadow skills with Siphoning. That’s because the cost of the ability is low. Magicka Flood requires at least 1 siphoning spell on the hotbar and the benefit of the passive is rather good. Character receives extra Magicka energy and can cast more spells during the battle.

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