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Requires Mages Guild
Cast Time Instant
Cost Magicka
Type: Active
Toggle to activate:
- Summon a light that reveals hidden and invisible enemies within 12 meters
- Reduces max magicka
- Increases spell critical strike rating

Magelight summons a light that helps to detect hidden and invisible enemies but reduces your max magicka. The ability is very useful in PvP.

As you probably know every class in ESO can sneak. When your enemy sneaks, you can detect him without spells only if he does not have enough mastery in sneaking. But if your enemy is an assassin who specializes in hidden attacks you will hardly be able to detect him. Magelight will help you in this situation. It will help you help you to prevent sudden enemy attack and will detect the enemy before he hits you.

How the spell works? You need to place it on your hotbar and toggle it. While the spell is toggled it detects hidden and invisible enemies.

The spell reveals enemies in a radius and doesn’t detect enemies who stand outside of it. This is a good news for hidden enemy archers. Anyway the radius is rather big and is enough to protect you from hidden melee attacks.

Magelight is a must have ability for PvP fighters. The plus of the spell is that it can be mastered by any class after joining Mages Guild. Not only mages can benefit from Magelight.

Spell Mages Guild Rank Cast Time Range Radius Cost Effect
Magelight I 1 Instant self 75 Magicka Summon a light that reveals hidden and invisible enemies within 12 meters. Reduces max magicka by 5%

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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