Drain Power

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Drain Power
Requires Nightblade
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
Weakens enemies in a radius, decreasing their Attack Power. Nightblade gains extra AP from every enemy affected by the spell.

Drain Power is an AoE debuff that drains attack power from nearby enemies and gives a portion of it to the Nightblade.

There is one feature you should take into account before using this ability. The Attack power bonus you gain from using Drain Power depends on the quantity of debuffed enemies. If you apply this spell to only one foe you receive a small gain but if you use it when several enemies are around you the bonus will be higher. You receive extra Attack Power from every affected target. Thus you need to think about when to use the spell with maximum efficiency.

It is difficult to find a really good situation for using Drain Power. The radius of the spell is not so big and very often you will be able to affect only 2 – 3 foes. That’s about 18% AP increase. All affected enemies will become weaker.

The best situation for using Drain Power is when you are surrounded by many foes. If there are many enemies around you the ability will give great bonus and will make enemy group much weaker. They will have to use dispelling abilities in order to get rid of negative effects.

This ability can be Morphed into

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