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Requires Nightblade
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
Deals damage and siphons movement speed from your enemy to you

Cripple is an interesting DoT of the Nightblade class that can be placed on the enemy target and siphon its movement speed gaining the leached speed to your character. The target will also receive DoT damage.

The damage may seem low but if you combine Cripple with other Siphoning abilities overall damage will be very good. Don’t forget that this spell has mutual effect: your enemy loses speed and you receive it. Most of the class skills in ESO affect only caster or his target. But Siphoning spells affect both and this is the general feature of the skill line. You gain more and more benefits while your enemy becomes weaker and weaker.

You will see the usefulness of this awesome ability when you need to catch someone. Your enemy may think that he is almost safe until he understand that he is affected by Cripple. He will lose his movement speed and you will receive extra speed boost. The ability is also great if you need to escape from the foe.

It is a great spell to use in a combination with Strife, especially in duels. You will be able to restore your health and will slow down the target. The enemy will also receive sufficient damage and will not be able to get close to you. All you need is to use ranged weapon (bow or staff) in order to deal even more damage from your weapon attacks. It is a very good tactics that can bring you success. The siphoning skill path consists of great debuffs and this is an example of how you can combine different abilities.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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