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Champion System is a system of passive skills and abilities in Elder Scrolls Online that can be received after reaching 50th level. It was added to the game in 6th Update and it is a very important p[art of character progression. This guide will tell you how to earn Champ points and how to spend them.

After your character hits Veteran Rank 1st Champion Points (CP) progress bar appears below your regular experience bar. From this time you continue receiving traditional experience but you also start earning experience for Champion system.

Experience Bar

How to earn Champion Points?

Your progression within Champion System depends on your activity. Every time you revive traditional experience your character also gets experience for Champion bar. Kill enemies, visit dungeons, fight in Cyrodiil, challenge arenas - all these actionw will help you to earn Champ Points.

There are 3 types of points: The Warrior (red), The Mage (blue) and The Thief (green). You receive all these points one by one and every type has independent progress bar.

For example when you enter Champ System you start receiving experience for Warrior type first. You see red bar below your experience bar. Once this red bar is filled you receive 1 Warrior Point and your red bar becomes green. Now you start collecting exp for Thief point. After you get your Thief point you will start earning experience for Mage point. One by one. This cycle repeats again and again.

What For?

The points you receive allow you to get very sweet passive abilities that boost different possibilities of your character. Here is a brief description of every category:

  • Warrior – abilities that increase defense of your character and increase his HP and health regeneration.
  • Mage – increase your Magicka pool, regeneration and increase power of spells.
  • Thief – increase Stamina pool and regeneration.

Every category (The Warrior, The Mage and The Thief) has 3 subcategories (constellations) and you have to decide which subtree to select. You are free to spend all your points for only one constellation and go deeper or you can spread the points for all 3 constellations but without going too deep.

Champion System Screen

Every constellation has definite amount of stars. Every star represents one passive ability.

All passive abilities are divided into 2 groups: available by default and abilities that must be unlocked. The first group don’t have any requirements and is unlocked. You start investing your CP into these spells in order to unlock better passives.

The second group usually consists of great passives that must be unlocked by investing different amount of CP into current constellation. These unlock at 10, 30, 75, and 120 CP spent within a tree.

Account Wide

Though only Veteran Rank characters are allowed to earn Champion Points, you can use them for all the characters you have on current megaserver! The points may be distributed independently for every hero.

For example you have your main Veteran Rank hero with 50 Champ points. Your 15 level twink will also have 50 pions, but he can't earn them. As you see this allows to boost 2nd character easier and faster.

Is it possible to reset?

All the choices you make within Champion System are nor permanent! It’s possible to redistribute the points you have already spent. All you need is to pay 3000 for resetting. Moreover, you don’t need to visit any shrines for this. It can be done right into champion menu. You can rebuild your character any time.

To focus or not?

As you see Elder Scrolls Online allows to customize your hero deep. But is it better to focus on one constellation or to spread points? We think that it’s better to focus. And here is a reason why: the sweetest passives are located very deep. You will have to invest at least 120 points into a constellation to reach the best passive. This will require a lot of efforts. But if you spread all the points between 3 constellations you will not be able to reach the best abilities fast.

List of Passives

Apprentice - Mage

Apprentice is great constellation for magicka-based builds. There are passives that increase damage, spell critical, critical rating and even recover magicka. Perfect choice for a dedicated mage.

Blessed Any healing you initiate has increased ffectiveness (0-25%)
Spell Erosion Your spells ignore (0-25%) of Spell Resistance.
Elfborn Increases your Spell Critical damage and healing by (0-25%)
Elemental Expert Increases your Flame, Frost, and Shock damage by (0-25%)
Vengeance Rank 10 After you block three spells your next spell will be a critical hit.
Spell Precision Rank 30 Increases your spell critical rating by 12%.
Foresight Rank 75 After you drink a potion you spend 80% less magicka for the next spell.
Arcane Well Rank 120 There is 20% chance to open Arcane Well after killing enemy. This well restores Magicka to you and any allies within 2.5 meters of the enemy.

Atronach - Mage

Blade Expert Increases the damage of your light and heavy attacks with daggers, swords, and two handed swords by (0-25%)
Staff Expert Increases the damage of your light and heavy attacks with Destruction and Restoration Staves by (0-25%)
Heavy Weapon Expert Increases the damage of your light and heavy attacks with maces and axes by (0-25%)
Bow Expert Increases the damage of your light and heavy attacks with bows by (0-25%)
Retaliation Rank 10 After you block a heavy attack damage of your mext physical attack will be increased by 30%.
Riposte Rank 30 When blocking melee attack you have 15% chance to return a part of the damage to the attackker. This can only happen once every 5 seconds.
Butcher Rank 75 Light and heavy weapon attacks deal 5% extra damage to targets below 25% health.
Tactician Rank 120 Sets enemies off balance when you successfully roll dodge to avoid their attack.

Ritual - Mage

Mighty Increases your physical damage by (0-25%)
Precise Strikes Increases the critical damage of your physical attacks by (0-25%)
Piercing Increases the amount of armor your physical attacks ignore by (0-25%)
Thaumaturge Increases your damage with poison, disease and magic by (0-25%)
Opportunist Rank 10 Increases the damage of your next physical attack by 50% after you interrupt a target.
Perfect Strike Rank 30 Increases your weapon critical by 12%.
Exploiter Rank 75 Increase your damage against off balance enemies by 10%.
Last Stand Rank 120 When your health drops below 20% you receive Major Heroism buff which increases your ultimate gain by 3 every 1.5 seconds for 8 seconds. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.

Tower - Thief

Warlord Reduces the stamina cost of spells and abilities by (0-15.8%)
Magician Reduces the magicka cost of spells by (0-15.8%)
Bashing Focus Reduces the stamina cost of bash attacks by (0-25%)
Sprinter Reduces the cost of sprinting by (0-24%)
Ensnare Rank 10 Grants a 33% chance to reduce an enemy’s movement speed by 20% for 3 second any time you hit them with a bash attack.
Inspiration Boost Rank 30 Increases inspiration gain by 20%.
Mara’s Gift Rank 75 When killed heal all allies in a 8 meter radius for X.
War Mount Rank 120 Improves your mastery with mounts, removing all stamina costs outside of combat.

Lover - Thief

Arcanist Increases your magicka regeneration by (0-25%)
Healthy Increases your health regeneration by (0-25%)
Mooncalf Increases your stamina regeneration by (0-25%)
Tenacity Increases the amount of magicka and stamina your heavy attacks restore by (0-15.8%)
Plentiful Harvest Rank 10 Grants you a 10% chance to double the yield from normal resource nodes.
Synergizer Rank 30 Grants 2 ultimate any time you activate a synergy.
Master Gatherer Rank 75 Reduces gathering times by 50%.
Windrunning Rank 120 Increases your movement speed by 2%. This applies to all types of movement. Also increases health and magicka regeneration by 10% while sprinting.

Shadow - Thief

Elusive Reduces the duration of all snare, fear, and disorient effects on you by (0-24%)
Tumbling Reduces the stamina cost of roll dodge and break free by (0-18%)
Shade Reduce the stamina cost of moving with in stealthy by (0-15.8%)
Nimble Reduces damage dealt to you by (0-25%) when you roll dodge.
Fortune Seeker Rank 10 Increases the amount of gold you find in treasure chest by 50%
Merchant Favored Rank 30 Reduces the cost of armor repairs by 10%
Treasure Hunter Rank 75 Increases the quality of items you find in treasure chest
Shadowstrike Rank 120 After killing a target with a heavy attack, enter stealth for 2.5 seconds.

Steed - Warrior

Block Expertise Reduces the cost of blocking by (0-25%)
Spell Shield Increases spell resistance by (0-25%)
Resistant Reduces the amount of damage you take from critical hits by (0-25%)
Medium Armor Focus Increases your armor by (0-13%)
Invigorating Bash Rank 10 Gives you a 20% chance to restore X health when you bash an enemy.
Phase Rank 30 After roll dodging, your armor and spell resistance is increased by X for 3 seconds
Shield Expert Rank 75 Increases your armor and spell resistance of shields by 75%
Reinforced Rank 120 When activating block, gain a damage shield for X every 10 seconds.

Lady - Warrior

Elemental Defender Reduces flame, frost, and shock damage dealt to you by (0-25%)
Thick Skinned Reduces the damage you take from damage over time effects by (0-24%)
Hardy Reduces poison, disease, and magic damage dealt to you by (0-25%)
Light Armor Focus Increase your armor by (0-13%) while wearing 5 or more pieces of light armor
Spell Absorption Rank 10 Restores X magicka when you take magic damage equivalent to 30% of your health. This can only occur once every 10 seconds.
Resilient Rank 30 Restores X health when you are hit by a critical hit
Critical Leech Rank 75 After critically striking a target, restore X health. This can only occur once every 5 seconds.
Unchained Rank 120 Reduces the stamina cost of abilities by 80% for 3 seconds after breaking free of a stun, knockdown, fear, disorient or stagger.

Lord - Warrior

Bastion Increases the effectiveness of damage absorbing effects by (0-24%)
Nourishing Increases the effectiveness of healing potions by (0-25%)
Quick Recovery Increases the effectiveness of healing received by (0-15.8%)
Heavy Armor Focus Increase your armor by (0-13%) while wearing five or more pieces of heavy armor.
Field Physician Rank 10 Reduces damage received while resurrecting another player by 15%.
Infusion Rank 30 Increases another player’s magicka regeneration by X for 8 seconds after you resurrect them.
Revival Rank 75 Absorbs X damage for 5 seconds after you are resurrected.
Determination Rank 120 Absorbs X damage for 15 seconds after drinking a potion.

Video Guide

The video below explains how this system works and reveals all the details.

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