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  • Catalyst
    Requires Nightblade
    Type: Passive
    Permanently increases efficiency of all magical potions
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    Catalyst is a passive ability that increases effectiveness of all potions used by Nightblade. The effectiveness increase is permanent. With this passive taken Nightblade can receive increased effect from any potion. Sometimes this can help you to survive or win the battle.

    Drinking different potions is a very important part of ESO gameplay and of your character’s strategy. You can buy or create them using crafting skills. Alchemists is the profession that can provide you with potions with different effect. They allow to trestore Magicka, Stamina or Health very fast. You can also affect your attributes increasing your attack power, magical resistance or giving you other beneficial effect. Catalyst is the only passive of the Nightblade that can affect the strength of the effects you receive. It seems that Siphoning skill path is great for those who like to use magical potions.

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