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  • Backlash
    Requires Templar
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    Stores up damage, when effect ends nearby enemies take an additional damage.
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    Backlash is Templar’s ability that can be learned in Dawn’s Wrath school. When a Templar activates the spell all damage he receives stores up. After the effect ends enemies takes additional damage.

    The ability works great when you get attacked by several opponents. You should try to receive more damage in order to return received damage to enemies. It may seem a little crazy, but your goal after casting Backslash is to take as many damage as you can. Just don’t forget to restore health.

    The spell is great for both PvP and PvE encounters. All players will definitely like the damage returning effect. You can use Backlash if you have aggressive strategy and like to be at the center of battlefield.

    Tier 1 Morphing

    Spell Type

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