Mara [NPC]

Mara is Goddess of love and one of the most popular gods of Tamriel. She is also one of the Nine Divines. Mara’s cult is spread across the whole continent and she is known in many provinces as a patron of the bountiful earth and source of mortal compassion and understanding. Ancient myths say that she was considered as a fertility goddess in the beginning.

Different regions of Tamriel give Mara different statuses nowadays. She is considered as a handmaiden of Kyne in Skyrim or Mother-Goddess in Cyrodiil. People of some regions believe that she is married to Akatosh or Lorkhan. Some people even think that she is mother of Arkay.

As any other god she has her own worshipers. Cults of Mara consist of many different people who worship her in special temples called Benevolences. Every man or women can visit Mara’s temple and receive her blessing. Books dedicated to love can usually be found in her temples. Mara’s worshipers are tolerant to all people who do not show hate. Anyone can come to receive the blessing. But she favors true worshipers who help her followers in Tamriel.

People love Mara because she belongs to “good” gods. People usually associate her name with love and care.

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