Akatosh [NPC]

Akatosh is one of the gods in Elder Scrolls Online. He leads the Nine Divines - a religious cult spread in Cyrodiil. Akatosh is one of two gods who can be found in almost all religions of Tamriel but sometimes under different names. Altmer and Bosmer call him Auriel, Redguard call him Ruptga, and Khajiit - Alkosh. He belongs to Aedra and he has a planet named in his honor like any other Aedra.

How Akatosh appeared in Nirn? Nobody exactly knows. He was the first god who formed his shape in the Beginning Place and other entities followed him and could also form. Current pantheons consist of gods who could form after Akatosh.

People imagine Akatosh as a dragon and also call him Dragon God of Time. He is considered to be a father of all dragons including Alduin who was named “First-Born of Akatosh”.

Like all other gods he has his followers - The Akatosh Chantry. The mission of this order is to worship and glorify him. Akatosh is very popular among people not because his nature. He is one of the gods who had to sacrifice their immortality to give prosperity to the new world. People like him very much for his sacrifice. Now he is the main god in the Imperial pantheon.

Auriel was a god of elves in the beginning. Snow elves built many temples dedicated to him but only one of them exists nowadays. The temple is located in the Forgotten Vale. You can find a statue of Auriel there. The statue shows his appearance during the time he was in Nirn. Ancient elves think that he was among mortals in early times. His name is also associated with Auriel’s Bow and Auriel’s Shield – two powerful artifacts. Legends tell that these artifacts were given to him by Anu.

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