Arkay [NPC]

Arkay is one of nine gods who belong to the Nine Divines. He is a god of life cycle, burials and funeral rites. He is also considered as a god who is responsible for seasons. He can be met in many pantheons of Tamriel.

The legends about Arkay’s origin are divided into two groups. The first group tells that Arkay was not a god. He was a human who had his own family and shop. He lived like any other human but he was very curious and liked to discover new knowledge. One day he received a book written in unknown language. It was a great challenge. He spent a lot of time to find out the meaning of the book. Finally he started to understand that the book explains life and death itself but it was too late. He was at death’s door because of plague and had no time to finish his work. He prayed to Mara and asked her for more time. She said that she can’t give him more time but offered him to become god of eternity and keep the balance of life and death. He agreed and became a god.

The second version about his origin is more traditional. It tells that Arkay was among the first spirits who appeared in the beginning of time. It is impossible to find out what version is correct.

Arkay like other gods has his congregation who prey him. Priests of the Order of Arkay are fighting against necromancy and undead. Such forms of life must not exist in normal world where life and death change each other. Knights of the Circle are also faithful fighters of Arkay.

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