Dibella [NPC]

Dibella is one of the most popular female gods in Elder Scrolls Online. She is also known as "Goddess of Beauty" or "Lady of Love". She is a member of Nine Divines. A lot of people in Tamriel are members of different Dibella’s cults that are devoted to different aspects of beauty: aesthetics, women, love or erotic.

You can meet a lot of statues of Dibella all over the continent but her cults are mostly spread in Cyrodiil, Skyrim and High Rock. Her statues show her like a young and beautiful woman with flowers in hands or with a flower in place of hand.

Shrines of Dibella can be found in special chapels or temples that are called Houses of Dibella. Every man or women can worship her in such places and receive her blessing. Worshipping her is more personal and intimate than worshipping other members of the Nine Divines.

Though the goddess is popular among different people worship of her is usually associated with lewd acts and indecency. Some people think that the goddess is too lusty. There are cults that practice so called “Dibellan Arts” and these arts are not legal.

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