Why Elder Scrolls Online is worth playing?

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I remember the time right after the announce of ESO. Many fans were disappointed and thought that it will be another WoW clone. Now we see that the game has a lot of interesting and unique features, ZeniMax could decrease the level of skepticism and prove that they will make a masterpiece. There are 6 reasons why Elder Scrolls Online is worth your attention:

Great character customization

In all MMO games you sometimes don't get to have a lot lot character customisation. Most often you can change your face, hair style and color of skin. It is impossible to do deep customisation; the result is a world full of clones.

The Elder Scrolls Online team understands the importance of customisation. The game offers many customisation options that allow to create a character with unique appearance as is the way of the elder scrolls series; you are allowed a deep customisation of almost everything. There are 11 sliders controlling body and 31 sliders responsible for your face and head. Such variety of customisation options is wonderful to see in an MMO and let's everyone be their own character! All players who have seen the character creation screen in ESO says that there is no other game with such a great system.

No strict classes

Most online games have strict classes that set a lot of restrictions for your gaming experience and gaming style. For example MMOs generally rely on the 'holy trinity', a DPS a healer and a tank. Though in the Elder Scrolls Online the concept is for players get the choice of being a hybrid, and for example to be a tank you don't need heavy armour; the idea is too change the whole typical MMO feel and make it something memorable. Linking to this classes in ESO do not set restrictions for your weapon or armor types. Each can use any combination of weapons and armour and still be effective.

"You can start playing as a sword and shield guy, then pick up a staff and start playing as a mage. Nothing stops you from doing that."

Your class determines only class skills and corresponding ultimate abilities. Weapon and armor skills, of course, depend on the type of weapon or armour your using.

Fully voiced dialogs

In many MMO games the player has to read a lot of text during communication with different NPCs. But in ESO each NPC has its own voice and all dialogues are fully voice acted, this will help greatly with players who want to follow the story rather than level up as fast as possible. The ESO sound team did a great job: the voice of each character is unique, the intonation of the voice is also great, dialogues are not boring. Just sit, relax and listen to pleasant voice of the characters. Though some are afraid this will make the game content worse as it can be expensive and use much time to voice act every character, though I believe we can count on the good people of ZeniMax to still provide a solid game.

Familiar World

One of the goals of ZeniMax was to create a game with TES atmosphere. They paid a lot of attention to this task. You will find a lot of familiar things: armor, weapon, familiar places and even the same/similar creatures. You will be able to read books with lore and to explore dungeons as you have done in previous Elder Scroll games.

Guilds are traditional part of all TES games the Elder Scrolls Online will fortunately also have guilds such as the: Fighters’ Guild, Mages’ Guild, Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves’ Guild. Not all of them will be available after the release. Some will be added later in future expansions, though many will be available and the fighters' guild will even play a major part in the main story. A guild member will be able to take special quests and will get an extra tree of special talents to use.

PvP is a part of the general story

In most MMO games PvP and PvE are two separate aspects of the game. But ESO developers decided to implement PvP into general game story. There is a separate zone for player vs. player fights - Cyrodiil. But it isn't just a PvP zone, it's a place in which the three alliances fight against each other in the Faction War (Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonhart Pact) and is where the Imperial City is situated. The Imperial City plays an important role in the ESO story as it is occupied by the undead army of Molag Bal and your faction must win in the Faction War against the two other alliances and Molag Bal to take control of the capital city of Cyrodiil.

After the previous paragraph many players who do not like PvP could feel disappointment or just not care. The Alliance War is not restricted by direct encounters, there are a lot of other tasks like upgrading guards, setting up siege weapons, questing and more. Every player can find a way to help his faction, whether they're in a big group or alone/small group.


This is probably the most interesting technical solution in ESO. The Role of the Megaserver is to maintain an optimal amount of players in a definite location, so there is one server but many instances, who you're with is based on your questionnaire results at the start of the game and your friends/guild members. There will be neither overcrowded or empty areas/servers. The megaserver controls the population of areas by distributing players between different copies of the particular area. I think it is a great solution because an empty world in an MMO always looks boring.

This was a brief review of the most interesting parts of TES Online. If you have your own opinions of the Elder Scrolls Online feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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