Into the Hills [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Betnikh
Required Level: 3

Text of the Quest:

Into the Hills Laganakh senses evil spreading on Betnikh. We need to know what were facing before we can fight it. A totem may grant me visions that will help us. I should use the totem to see if it will grant me a vision



Use the Vision Totem

Laganakh: I trust you are here to help. Dark rituals are being performed around the island. I first smelled the corruption on the wind. Then my shaman found evidence at an Ayleid ruin nearby.
Hero: Who is performing the rituals?
Laganakh: The same cult that attacked the fortress. I sense a link between the attack and the rituals. There is a way to be certain. Chief Tazgol has forbidden me from pursuing this, so I ask you to.
Hero: How?
Laganakh: By the bridge to the south is a totem. Those who touch it see visions. It may show you a vision that links the attack to the rituals I feel corrupting the island. Follow wherever the vision leads you.
Hero: I will.
Laganakh: You journey into danger. Choose your steps carefully.
Hero: How can I see these visions?
Laganakh: The land remembers those who tread upon it, for good or ill. The totem taps into these memories and shows us the ghosts of the past.

Laganakh: You return. What did you learn of the Bloodthorn plans?
Hero: They are desperate to enter the spirit realm.
Laganakh: The fools! Did they succeed?
Hero: Yes, I saw it happen.
Laganakh: The dangers that face us become clearer. I will try to convince Chief Tazgol of " this, though I doubt he will accept the word of an outsider. Your efforts on our behalf bring you honor.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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  1. Jim Fries 01 april 2014, 19:06 # 0
    Got stuck at «Listen to the Bloodthorn Leader» so I had to log-out and back in, then it worked.

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