On to Glenumbra [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Betnikh
Required Level: 5

Text of the Quest:

On to Glenumbra My actions have convinced Chief Tazgol to join the Daggerfall Covenant. He ordered Captain Kaleen to take me to Glenumbra. Once there, I must deliver Tazgols petition to join the Daggerfall Covenant to a Sir Lanis.


Talk to Captain Kaleen

Chief Tazgol: I hope you made the right choice. It is done. Other matters concern us now.
Hero: What's next?
Chief Tazgol: Your actions have revealed a vulnerability. I thought my tribe safe on our island. This Bloodthorn attack proved me wrong. Only you and your friends on the Spearhead, united, were able to save this island.
Hero: What are you asking me to do?
Chief Tazgol: Months ago, Sir Lanis offered membership in the Daggerfall Covenant. I refused. You showed me I was wrong. We need allies. I would ask you travel to Glenumbra and give Sir Lanis my petition to join. I have ordered Captain Kaleen to sail you there.
Hero: I'll forward your petition to join the Daggerfall Covenant.

Captain Kaleen: I commend you again on choosing to keep the relic for the Covenant. But Chief Tazgol tells me we must hasten to Glenumbra.
Hero: He's ready to join the Daggerfall Covenant. I have his official petition.
Captain Kaleen: The Spearhead is set to sail. Are you ready?
Hero: Yes, let's go.

Sir Lanis Shaldon: The proud city of Daggerfall greets you. Can I help you with something?
Hero: I bring a petition. Chief Tazgol wishes to join the Daggerfall Covenant.
Sir Lanis Shaldon: The Seamount Warchief? Impressive. I don't know what you did to convince him, friend, but you have my gratitude. Well done! I will take this petition to High King Emeric immediately. Enjoy your stay in Daggerfall.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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