Farsight [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Betnikh
Required Level: 4

Text of the Quest:

Farsight An Orc named Magula has seen visions at three shrines around the island. I should visit these shrines and see the visions. Magula gave me herbs to burn at the shrines around the island. These will enable me to see the visions.


Activate Northern Shrine Activate Western Shrine Activate Southern Shrine

Magula: I meet you at last. I saw you defeat the scheming Redguard who rules Stros M'Kai. I see great events swirling about you.
Hero: How?
Magula: Visions. This is one of three shrines around Betnikh that give glimpses of events that affect many lives. They affect you in particular. Would you like to see them yourself?
Hero: Yes.
Magula: Burn these herbs at each shrine. You will receive a vision of things to come. I will be in my longhouse, should you have questions.
Hero: I will.

Magula: You've returned. You have questions.
Hero: How true were those visions?
Magula: You saw possible futures. No path is set. Your actions will influence what is to come.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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