Malukah - Beauty of Dawn

By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

Malukah released her new song dedicated to Elder Scrolls Online. The song is called “Beauty of Dawn”. She was inspired by the Lore of ESO and this song is the result of her work. Music and text is created by her.

You can use this link to download the song from official ESO website:
Malukah - "Beauty of Dawn".mp3 Just click right mouse button and chose “Save As”

Malukah NPC?

The song is great. Her voice is familiar to the players. TES fans like her songs. That’s why many of the game fans think that ZeniMax should create Malukah NPC in the game. It is a very good idea. I think it is great to meet such NPC somewhere in Skyrim. Her voice is associated with Nords, Dragonborn and Skyrim. Malukah NPC can be a bard who travels from one city to another singing her songs. Malukah NPC should not be in one city. She must travel!

Will ZeniMax listen to fans? I think yes. References to the real world can make the game more interesting. Just imagine how happy every fan will be meeting her in the game.

Oh, I meet Malukah when I was traveling from Whiterun to Windhelm. I even have a screenshot!

For those who do not know Malukah: She was an ordinary girl with ordinary hobbies: gaming and singing songs. She became famous after she made several Skyrim covers in 2011. Her songs “Dragonborn Comes” and others have about 23 million views on YouTube and were mentioned on top gaming websites. Due to her interest in Skyrim ZeniMax decided to involve her into promoting Elder Scrolls Online. She took part in ESO Food Truck promotion and I think we will see her new songs soon.

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    1. Syrena Seale 30 april 2013, 15:25 # 0
      Stunningly beautiful song. Such talent!

      And, if she agrees to being a bard in-game, I say go for it.

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