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In most MMO games the surrounding world is made of decorations. Sometimes these decorations are beautiful, sometimes not but players usually can not interact with them.

The general goal of ESO developers is to make the world interactive. Previous TES games have very high level of interactivity. In Oblivion and Skyrim you can take and use almost anything you wish. If you see an apple on the table it can be taken and eaten. Elder Scrolls Online has almost the same level of interactivity.

When you enter the game you see a lot of objects that can be explored. There are different chests, barrels, crates and many other objects that can contain useful items. Use “E” button to open the object and to see what is inside. The goal of such interaction is not just to make the world full. Many of the objects found in such way can be used for crafting.

The world of Elder Scrolls Online is open for different exploration. There’s more than just crafting resources in the world. For instance, there are books that you find for the Mages Guild. Many books in the game can be read. You will find a lot of valuable information about lore there. Developers are planning to add 300 collectable books and 700 secondary tomes. The books do not occupy slots in inventory and you can read the book any time after you have found it. It is great because you will always have access to lore.

There’s also fishing! You can compete with your friends to catch the biggest fish, and depending on the bait you use, you’ll catch different fish. There are also Mundus Stones, and Mundus Stones kind of give you special powers. There are Sky Shards, and you use Sky Shards to increase your skills. And throughout the world, there are chests hidden in secret places, and these chests have locks on them that, when you increase your skill with lockpicking, you’re able to get better and better gear. And all of these are just a sample of the reasons you’ll want to explore the world of Tamriel.

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