High Rock

High Rock is a province within Elder Scrolls Online. It's situated in the north-western part of Tamriel. It borders Skyrim on the East and Hammerfell on the South. Black Marsh is the home of the Breton race and belongs to the Daggerfall Covenant.

Stormhaven Rivenspire Glenumbra Betnikh


Quest Title Req. Level Location
A Brush With Death 11 Glenumbra
A Change of Heart 28 Rivenspire
A Dagger to the Heart 30 Rivenspire
A Dangerous Dream 16 Stormhaven
A Duke in Exile 9 Glenumbra
A Family Affair 17 Stormhaven
A Final Request 21 Stormhaven
A Gang of Thugs 20 Stormhaven
A Lingering Hope 11 Glenumbra
A Look in the Mirror 22 Stormhaven
A Lucky Break 28 Rivenspire
A Means to an End 20 Stormhaven
A Mysterious Curio 8 Glenumbra
A Past Remembered 27 Rivenspire
A Predators Heart 23 Stormhaven
A Prison of Sleep 20 Stormhaven
A Ransom for Miranda 20 Stormhaven
A Spy in Shornhelm 25 Rivenspire
A Step Back in Time 10 Glenumbra
A Traitors Tale 27 Rivenspire
A Woman Wronged 21 Stormhaven
Abominations from Beyond 21 Stormhaven
An Offering to Azura 20 Stormhaven
Ancient Power 30 Rivenspire
Angof the Gravesinger 15 Glenumbra
Another Omen 20 Stormhaven
Archaic Relics 28 Rivenspire
Army at the Gates 17 Stormhaven
Ash and Reprieve 6 Glenumbra
Assassin Hunter 25 Rivenspire
Azuras Aid 21 Stormhaven
Azuras Guardian 19 Stormhaven
Azuras Relics 23 Stormhaven
Back-Alley Murders 5 Glenumbra
Blood and the Crescent Moon 5 Glenumbra
Blood Revenge 19 Stormhaven
Bloodthorn Assassins 5 Glenumbra
Cant Leave Without Her 16 Stormhaven
Captive Crewmembers 16 Stormhaven
Carzogs Demise 3 Betnikh
Champion of the Guardians 7 Glenumbra
Children of Yokuda 24 Rivenspire
Crimes of the Past 26 Rivenspire
Crocodile Bounty 12 Glenumbra
Crosswych Reclaimed 15 Glenumbra
Curse of Skulls 21 Stormhaven
Cursed Treasure 14 Glenumbra
Cutting Off the Source 11 Glenumbra
Daughter of Seamount 4 Betnikh
Dearly Departed 24 Rivenspire
Disorganized Crime 8 Glenumbra
Divert and Deliver 17 Stormhaven
Do as I Say 20 Stormhaven
Dream-Walk Into Darkness 24 Rivenspire
Dreams to Nightmares 19 Stormhaven
Ending the Ogre Threat 22 Stormhaven
Evidence Against Adima 21 Stormhaven
Fadeels Freedom 25 Rivenspire
False Accusations 16 Stormhaven
False Knights 18 Stormhaven
Farliveres Gambit 8 Glenumbra
Farsight 4 Betnikh
Favor for the Queen 25 Rivenspire
Fells Justice 29 Rivenspire
Fire in the Fields 19 Stormhaven
Forgotten Ancestry 14 Glenumbra
Fortune in Failure 14 Glenumbra
Friend of Trolls 25 Rivenspire
Frightened Folk 29 Rivenspire
Garments by Odei 12 Glenumbra
General Godruns Orders 22 Stormhaven
Gift from a Suitor 22 Stormhaven
Godruns Dream 21 Stormhaven
Guar Gone 30 Rivenspire
Hidden in Flames 11 Glenumbra
Hope Lost 26 Rivenspire
In the Doghouse 26 Rivenspire
Injured Spirit Wardens 19 Stormhaven
Into the Hills 3 Betnikh
King Aphrens Sword 23 Stormhaven
Lady Eloises Lockbox 8 Glenumbra
Last Words 28 Rivenspire
Legacy of Baelborne Rock 7 Glenumbra
Legacy of the Three 17 Stormhaven
Legitimate Interests 15 Glenumbra
Life of the Duchess 18 Stormhaven
Lighthouse Attack Plans 16 Stormhaven
Lineage of Tooth and Claw 9 Glenumbra
Love Lost 30 Rivenspire
Mastering the Talisman 13 Glenumbra
Memento Mori 12 Glenumbra
Mists of Corruption 15 Glenumbra
Next of Kin 19 Stormhaven
Northpoint in Peril 29 Rivenspire
Ogre Teeth 22 Stormhaven
Old Adventurers 22 Stormhaven
On to Glenumbra 5 Betnikh
One Last Game 18 Stormhaven
One of the Undaunted Daggerfall 12 Glenumbra
Plan of Attack 17 Stormhaven
Plowshares to Swords 23 Stormhaven
Pride of the Lion Guard 9 Glenumbra
Prove Your Worth 4 Betnikh
Purifying the Wyrd Tree 8 Glenumbra
Pursuing the Shard 19 Stormhaven
Puzzle of the Pass 30 Rivenspire
Rally Cry 11 Glenumbra
Rat in a Trap 20 Stormhaven
Reclaiming the Elements 8 Glenumbra
Red Rook Resources 9 Glenumbra
Repair Koeglin Lighthouse 16 Stormhaven
Retaking Camlorn 11 Glenumbra
Retaking Firebrand Keep 18 Stormhaven
Revenge Against Rama 20 Stormhaven
Ripple Effect 10 Glenumbra
Rozenns Dream 17 Stormhaven
Rusty Daggers 24 Rivenspire
Saving Hosni 21 Stormhaven
Scamp Invasion 17 Stormhaven
Seeking the Guardians 7 Glenumbra
Servants of Ancient Kings 14 Glenumbra
Shedding the Past 27 Rivenspire
Shornhelm Divided 24 Rivenspire
Signals of Dominion 8 Glenumbra
Sir Hughes Fate 17 Stormhaven
Stolen Ashes 20 Stormhaven
Swine Thief 5 Glenumbra
Taking the Fight to the Enemy 13 Glenumbra
The Assassins List 26 Rivenspire
The Bandit 27 Rivenspire
The Barefoot Breton 30 Rivenspire
The Blood-Cursed Town 25 Rivenspire
The Blood-Splattered Shield 26 Rivenspire
The Bloodthorn Plot 4 Betnikh
The Concealing Veil 29 Rivenspire
The Corpse Horde 13 Glenumbra
The Crown of Shornhelm 25 Rivenspire
The Daggers Edge 8 Glenumbra
The Debt Collectors Debts 20 Stormhaven
The Dresan Index 8 Glenumbra
The Dreugh Threat 20 Stormhaven
The Emerald Chalice 29 Rivenspire
The End of Extortion 15 Glenumbra
The Fall of Faolchu 11 Glenumbra
The Flame of Dissent 18 Stormhaven
The Gate to Quagmire 20 Stormhaven
The Ghosts of Westtry 12 Glenumbra
The Glenumbra Moors 10 Glenumbra
The Hidden Treasure 8 Glenumbra
The Jeweled Crown of Anton 15 Glenumbra
The Labyrinth 15 Glenumbra
The Ladys Keepsake 27 Rivenspire
The Last of Them 29 Rivenspire
The Liberation of Northpoint 30 Rivenspire
The Lightless Remnant 30 Rivenspire
The Lion Guards Stand 13 Glenumbra
The Lost Patrol 13 Glenumbra
The Lover 27 Rivenspire
The Miners Lament 15 Glenumbra
The Nameless Soldier 10 Glenumbra
The Perfect Burial 21 Stormhaven
The Price of Longevity 27 Rivenspire
The Return of the Dream Shard 21 Stormhaven
The Road to Rivenspire 24 Rivenspire
The Safety of the Kingdom 18 Stormhaven
The Sanctifying Flames 25 Rivenspire
The Signet Ring 20 Stormhaven
The Slavers 16 Stormhaven
The Slumbering Farmer 16 Stormhaven
The Sower Reaps 20 Stormhaven
The Spiders Cocoon 25 Rivenspire
The Wayward Son 27 Rivenspire
The White Mask of Merien 11 Glenumbra
The Wyrd Sisters 6 Glenumbra
The Wyrd Trees Roots 6 Glenumbra
They Dragged Him Away 20 Stormhaven
Threat of Death 30 Rivenspire
To Alcaire Castle 16 Stormhaven
To the Wyrd Tree 7 Glenumbra
Tormented Souls 4 Betnikh
Tracking Sir Hughes 18 Stormhaven
Turning of the Trees 6 Glenumbra
Two Sides to Every Coin 17 Stormhaven
Unanswered Questions 17 Stormhaven
Under Siege 24 Rivenspire
Unearthing the Past 3 Betnikh
Vaerminas Gambit 21 Stormhaven
Vines and Villains 13 Glenumbra
Vital Inheritance 9 Glenumbra
Waiting for Word 20 Stormhaven
Wayward Scouts 8 Glenumbra
Werewolves to the North 8 Glenumbra
Wicked Trade 12 Glenumbra
Wolves in the Fold 9 Glenumbra
Word from the Dead 20 Stormhaven
Wyrd and Coven 12 Glenumbra

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