Black Marsh

Black Marsh is a province within Elder Scrolls Online. It's situated in the eastern part of Tamriel and is a land of swamps. It borders Morrowind on the North. Black Marsh is the home of the Argonian race and belongs to the Ebonheart Pact.



Quest Title Req. Level Location
A Final Release 30 Shadowfen
A Last Reminder 25 Shadowfen
A Life of Privilege 26 Shadowfen
A Pirate Parley 26 Shadowfen
A Poisoned Heart 30 Shadowfen
A Stranger Uninvited 28 Shadowfen
And Throw Away The Key 30 Shadowfen
Bound to the Bog 25 Shadowfen
Broken Apart 28 Shadowfen
Buried in the Past 28 Shadowfen
Captive Souls 25 Shadowfen
Captured Time 29 Shadowfen
Catch the Lightning 29 Shadowfen
Children of the Hist 28 Shadowfen
Clarity 27 Shadowfen
Cold-Blooded Revenge 27 Shadowfen
Cracking the Egg 26 Shadowfen
Deep Disturbance 30 Shadowfen
Dreams From the Hist 29 Shadowfen
Eyes of the Enemy 26 Shadowfen
Getting to the Truth 24 Shadowfen
Hushed Whispers 24 Shadowfen
Into the Mire 27 Shadowfen
Into the Temple 29 Shadowfen
Keepers of the Shell 28 Shadowfen
King of Dust 29 Shadowfen
Last One Standing 26 Shadowfen
Lost Pilgrimage 29 Shadowfen
Lost to the Mire 27 Shadowfen
Missing in the Mire 30 Shadowfen
Missing Son 27 Shadowfen
Of Dubious Value 29 Shadowfen
Outside Interference 28 Shadowfen
Overrun 29 Shadowfen
Pull the Last Fang 28 Shadowfen
Riches Beyond Measure 29 Shadowfen
Saving the Relics 26 Shadowfen
Scales of Retribution 30 Shadowfen
Schism 25 Shadowfen
Scouring the Mire 24 Shadowfen
Shadowfen Smorgasbord 24 Shadowfen
Strength of the Father 27 Shadowfen
The Bargains End 25 Shadowfen
The Dominions Alchemist 31 Shadowfen
The Dream of the Hist 31 Shadowfen
The Fangs of Sithis 28 Shadowfen
The Keystone 30 Shadowfen
The Mnemic Egg 28 Shadowfen
The Ones Left Behind 30 Shadowfen
The Skin-Stealers Lair 26 Shadowfen
The Swamps Embrace 31 Shadowfen
The Thin Ones 25 Shadowfen
The Tree-Minders Fate 27 Shadowfen
Three Tender Souls 24 Shadowfen
Threefold Folly 26 Shadowfen
Trail of the Skin-Stealer 26 Shadowfen
Trials of the Burnished Scales 29 Shadowfen
Unbridled Wealth 25 Shadowfen
Unwelcome Guests 24 Shadowfen
Vigils End 31 Shadowfen
Warm Welcome 26 Shadowfen
What Happened at Murkwater 30 Shadowfen
Whispers of the Wisps 28 Shadowfen
Will of the Broken 26 Shadowfen

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