How to Level Enchanting in ESO Fast?

By: Ambuaz in: Game Guides
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Crafting system in ESO is very interesting. Each player can master all professions. It’s very difficult but it’s possible. If you level several professions simultaneously you will sooner or later realize that some professions are easier to level than others.

For example right now I am trying to master Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Provisioning and Enchanting. I believe that the easies profession for leveling is Alchemy and the most difficult is Enchanting. In this article I will give you some tips about how to level Enchanting faster.

If you want to be an Enchanter but know nothing about this profession I recommend you to read this article: Enchanting – Full Guide. You will find out basic information about this interesting profession. I don’t think that it’s a good idea to write all the basic information here.

What are you doing wrong?

There is an obvious way for getting more experience in enchanting: player has to gather runes and create different glyphs. After the glyph is created you can extract runes from it and get extra experience. Most of the players think that it’s the best way for leveling enchanting. They think that all they need is to repeat this process again and again.

And this scheme really works. But only until you “translate” all the runes you have found. The trick is that when you use an unknown rune for crafting you receive much more experience than when you use “translated” rune. Sooner or later you will realize that all runes in your inventory are translated and you receive little experience from crafting. What to do?

You need to find another Enchanter. A player receives much more experience for “deconstructing” runes created by other players than from creating and extracting his own runes.

If the enchanter you have found has better skills – that’s really good for you. All you need to get more experience is to ask him to create glyphs. You can give him your materials and he will return glyphs. Then you need to extract runes from these glyphs and get experience. This scheme will give you much more XP than “create – extract” scheme.

Purchasing Glyphs

There is one more trick that may help you to level Enchanting faster. Purchase glyphs from other players. This will give you extra experience. Very often it’s cheaper to purchase a glyph than purchase a rune for that glyph, ask your friend to create a glyph and extract that glyph.

For example a price of Level 1- 2 Potency Rune (Jora, Jode and so on) is about 200 – 300 gold. It’s difficult to find these runes at a lower price. At the same time you can find VR4-5 armor and weapon glyphs that cost 200-300 gold (Normal Quality). It’s better to purchase such glyph and extract it. Experience is guaranteed.


Don’t forget to read books while exploring the world. If you see a bookshelf – use it. Maybe this bookshelf will bring you one extra rank in Enchanting and thus will save you money and time.

Glyphs from NPCs

Sometimes you will find glyphs in the loot after killing NPCs. If your goal is to level enchanting you must always take such glyphs and extract them later.


  • If you have untranslated runes – use them for crafting. It’s the best experience source.
  • If all the runes are translated - ask your friend to create glyphs for you and extract runes from these glyphs.
  • Purchase glyphs from other players if you have money.
  • Don’t forget to read books. One book may give you extra rank in Enchanting.

But you will spend a lot of time/money anyway. Enchanting in ESO is a very difficult profession for leveling. Even if you follow all these tips.

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  1. Eddie Luster 22 may 2014, 23:26 # 0
    What about the trait «INTRICATE» (I believe that is correct, not looking at game atm) it is on some weapons and armor and giving a percent of inspiration gained from extacting. Ive looked into a few guides and chat but haven't gotten an answer for this or a relevance for what that particular trait does. Can you help please.
    1. Ambuaz 23 may 2014, 08:31 # 0
      As far as I know this enchantment increases the experience you get from deconstructing this item.
    2. Skyslim 30 may 2014, 11:53 # 0
      You can also create glyphs and then deconstruct them for more points.
      1. tap3ah 14 june 2014, 03:57 # 0
        You forgot to mention that another Enchanter could be your alt.
        1. Zachary 03 august 2020, 15:35 # 0
          Leveling in ESO has always been something to be taken serious.

          This is not something you can actually go level up just like that. Even in its beginnings the game had a difficulty after you reach level 50. And nowadays is still like that.

          You have to dedicate time in order to level up those abilities that are needed depending on your game style. But if you actually don't have time, like a lot of us, because we grew up and now we're working and taking care of other stuffs, you know, you need something else to help you out. That's why I use and ESO power leveling service. Because it will make my character increase its level and skills so when I play I don't have to do that.
          1. bmwmaniac99 15 march 2022, 10:51 # 0
            Quick leveling is important especially in the beginning.

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