Explosive Charge

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  • Explosive Charge
    Requires Templar
    Cast Time Instant
    Cost Magicka
    Type: Active
    Charge to target, interrupting casts and stuns them for 3 seconds. Deals 20 Magic Damage to all nearby enemies.
    New Effect:
    Deals damage to all enemies at the point of impact.
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    Explosive Charge is an active ability from Aerdric Spear tree of Templar class. The spell can be morphed from Focused Charge when you reach 4th rank in this spell. Explosive Charge also charges you to the target but also deals damage to all enemies in the area. The extra effect is simple – just deal AoE damage.

    Aedric Spear can be morphed either into Explosive Charge or into Toppling Charge. Explosive Charge will deal damage while Toppling Charge will stun the enemy. It’s not an easy choice what variant to take.

    Tier 1 Morphing

    Spell Type

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