Breath of Life

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Breath of Life
Requires Templar
Cast Time Instant
Cost Magicka
Type: Active
- Heals nearby wounded ally for 36.
- Heals 2 additional wounded allys for 16.
New Effect: Heals up to 3 targets.

Breath of Life a 1st tier morph of Rushed Ceremony spell of the Templar class. It’s possible to learn this ability when you reach 4th rank in Rushed Ceremony. Breath of Life allows to heal 2 more allies than Rushes Ceremony. It’s a great spell if you want to heal more allies simultaneously.

Rushes Ceremony can be morphed into either Breath of Life or Honor The Dead. Both spells are great but add different new effects. Choose Breath of Life if you want to focus on healing more allies with one spell.

This ability can be Morphed into

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  1. IdunKnow 07 march 2014, 23:47 # 0
    The information concerning this heal is not correct. This will heal allies behind you. As the tooltip explains, it will heal nearby allies. Additionally, the base heal is spelled Rushed Ceremony vs Rushes as displayed above. I post this information based on what I have seen in beta vs just reading it on this page.
    1. Ambuaz 08 march 2014, 05:46 # 0
      Thanks. The description was based on the first information about this ability. Changed.

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