Undying Loyalty [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 33

Text of the Quest:

Undying Loyalty I met a sad looking dog beside a path in the Alikr Desert. She seems to want my help. The dog was pawing on a pile of sand nearby. I should dig into the sand to see what shes looking for.


Dig in the Sand

Musi: The dog whines and paws at the mound of sand at her feet.
Hero: What is it? Something in the sand?
Musi: The dog almost seems to nod and paws at the mound of sand again.
Hero: All right. Let me dig it up.

Tarshea: I cannot believe it! My sweet Musi led you to my bones, didn't she? That is true loyalty! Musi and I walked these deserts together in life, and even death cannot change that!
Hero: How did this happen?
Tarshea: I paid an enchanter to ensure I could come back and be with her even in death. Unfortunately, it was the jackals that got me. They scattered my bones all over and I couldn't come back, but my Musi came through ... with your help. Thank you!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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