Tu'Whaccas Breath [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 34

Text of the Quest:

Tuwhaccas Breath The Withered Hand has taken over Tuwhaccas Throne and begun using the Ansei Wards to raise the consecrated remains of fallen heroes. I agreed to help the Throne Keeper activate defenses to cleanse the temple. The Throne Keeper says that when we activate the temples defenses, Tuwhacca will send his Breath to help cleanse the temple. I must light the sacred braziers at the cardinal points on the temple grounds.


Light the South Brazier

Throne Keeper Farvad: Satakal's Wrath, wayfarer... unless you want to wade through an army of undead, go no further. These dogs—the Withered Hand—they seized control of Tu'whacca's Throne and now they are raising the consecrated dead! How is this even possible?
Hero: Is it because they stole the Ansei Wards?
Throne Keeper Farvad: The Ansei Wards? Stolen? There is no way ... the Impervious Vault... how? This does explain how they raised the consecrated dead, though. It also explains why Tu'whacca is so angry. He speaks to me. He says the temple must be cleansed—and now!
Hero: How do we cleanse it?
Throne Keeper Farvad: Oh ... Tu'whacca will do the cleansing. We must only clear the way. If you will help me light the sacred braziers, Tu'whacca will send his Breath to help us destroy the Withered Hand and return the dead to the sand.
Hero: I will help light the braziers.
Throne Keeper Farvad: For each direction the wind blows, there is a brazier. Light the first three and meet me at the west brazier. I will light that one. Then we will light the central brazier together, and soon see Uwafa and his Withered Hand destroyed.
Hero: What exactly will Tu'whacca's Breath do?
Throne Keeper Farvad: We do not know. There is no record of these defenses ever being used. All I can recall is reading that it is supposed to help cleanse the Temple and return the dead to their rest. Uncertainty is part of the fun, though, right?
Hero: How do you know Uwafa?
Throne Keeper Farvad: This man is very dangerous. He is the leader of these Withered Hand dogs. He offered me the chance to leave peacefully .... I wanted to protect my fellow priests, but we could not surrender Tu'whacca's sacred ground without a fight.
Hero: Can you tell me more about the Temple?
Throne Keeper Farvad: Tu'whacca is the caretaker of the Far Shores. We will all visit him one day. The Throne is the final resting place of our honored ancestors. Our heroes have been buried here for centuries. It is terrible that their rest has been disturbed.

Throne Keeper Farvad: You have done well, wayfarer. Tu'whacca is pleased.
Hero: Is he going to cleanse the temple now?
Throne Keeper Farvad: Very soon, it is like Tu'whacca is taking in the air and preparing to send his Breath. The Withered Hand here will soon crumble, and the particles will drift away like sand in the wind.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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