Warship Designs [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 33

Text of the Quest:

Warship Designs A Breton shipbuilder named Jeromec Lemal has asked me to help him recover the warship designs from three ships under construction in the docks at Tavas Blessing. I should search the deck of the Covenants Pride for the designs left behind by the workers.


Find Covenants Pride Designs

Jeromec Lemal: Finally, someone who's not running the other direction! I had no idea I was rubbing elbows with so many feckless cowards! A few necromancers show up and everyone jumps ship, literally! To just up and abandon this project—they should be ashamed!
Hero: What project are you talking about?
Jeromec Lemal: Only the most important military advancement in the Second Era! These ships you see here—I designed them—they're going to revolutionize naval warfare! But not if we lose the designs!
Hero: What happened to the designs?
Jeromec Lemal: The workers ran and just left them on the ships! The Covenant's Pride, Ranser's Regret, the Belle of Balfiera—the designs just sitting on the decks! A Dominion spy could steal them! For the sake of the Covenant, will you help me get them?
Hero: Yes. I'll help recover the ships' designs.
Jeromec Lemal: I'm glad there are a few of us left who know the meaning of courage and loyalty! You'd make High King Emeric proud. Look on the decks of the three ships. The designs should be there ... unless they've already been stolen!
Hero: What makes these new warships so special?
Jeromec Lemal: Where do 1 begin? Thicker masts, extra backstays, a narrower keel, lighter ballast... the list goes on. The real battle changer's going to be the reinforced hull though. No one's going to be able sink these babies. No one.
Hero: Why are you building ships at Tava's Blessing?
Jeromec Lemal: It's the perfect place. Not many people know about the docks here—it's not exactly a regular port of call. We can build the ships without too many prying eyes.

Llasi Omoren: Dumac take you, Covenant filth—you, these damn necromancers, and this whole damn desert! If my sword arm weren't broken, I'd skin you like a netch!
Hero: I'm looking for the designs for this ship.
Llasi Omoren: Of course you are! Those s'wits weren't smart enough to get these before they fled, and I knew that. I planned this perfectly. I stole the designs fairly and by rights, they should be mine.
Hero: So you have the ship designs?
Llasi Omoren: i do, and as much as it shames me, I'm going to beg you to let me keep them. Where I come from, when you're sent on a mission, you're expected to succeed. The price for failure is unthinkable.
Hero: Where do you come from?
Llasi Omoren: Morrowind. I work for House Telvanni. You should know that the Ebonheart Pact is as much my enemy as it is yours. You should also know, if I don't return with these ship designs, they won't just kill me, they'll kill my children as well.
Hero: Why does House Telvanni want the ship designs?
Llasi Omoren: House Telvanni does a great deal of... trade by sea. These designs, the reinforced hulls, would make our ships invincible. I cannot delay here any longer. I beseech you, for my children's sake, let me take the designs.
Hero: Give me the designs and you can go.
Llasi Omoren: You're ruthless, you know that? I suspect I might do the same in your boots, though. Take the damn designs. My death and the deaths of my children will be on your hands. Watch your back. We may come and haunt you.
Hero: Go on and leave then.

Jeromec Lemal: You work quickly and efficiently, young one. I appreciate that. Did you recover all the ship designs?
Hero: Yes. I have the ship designs right here.
Jeromec Lemal: That's a relief. I'm surprised, to be honest with you. I'm almost certain that spies have been watching the town, and I thought for sure, they'd pick this moment to swoop in and steal the designs. Did you see any evidence of anything like that?
Hero: There was a spy from Morrowind.
Jeromec Lemal: I knew it! I saw a Dark Elf slinking around the docks all suspicious-like just the other day. If she had made off with these designs, it could've kept us from establishing naval superiority! Good thing you stopped her.
Hero: She won't be a problem anymore.
Jeromec Lemal: Well, if there's one thing I know, it's that you, my friend, have done your duty here, and then some. You covered the behinds of all the cowards who abandoned the place. The Covenant needs more people like you. I mean that.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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