Trouble at Tavas Blessing [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 33

Text of the Quest:

Trouble at Tavas Blessing A courier came to me with an urgent request to go help Prince Azah fight in the small town of Tavas Blessing and to send the Scholars apprentice, Shiri, back to Bergama. I must find Prince Azah somewhere in the town of Tavas Blessing.


Find Prince Azah

Meriq: You! There you are! The scholar Zohreh said I might find you here. You must make great haste. Prince Azah is in need of your assistance.
Hero: Where is the prince?
Meriq: He is at the shipyards town of Tava's Blessing. The Withered Hand is there and he needs you to come as soon as possible. The scholar Zohreh said something about that being the birthplace of one of the Ansei, whatever that means.
Hero: I'll go find the prince right away.
Meriq: Oh, and Scholar Zhoreh wants her apprentice Shiri to return to Bergama right away. She wants you to speak to Captain Rawan and ask him to order Shiri to return, whether the girl wants to or not.
Hero: I'll speak to Captain Rawan as well then.
Meriq: Tava's Blessing is where the royal navy has its shipyards. You must not let the town fall to the Withered Hand. Beware of the shifting sands, wayfarer. I hope Rupta guides you quickly to the prince's side.
Hero: What makes the shipyards important?
Meriq: The ships being built at the Tava's Blessing shipyards are critical for the Covenant war effort. I do not think the Withered Hand would have use for the ships, but I fear they might simply destroy them. That would be very bad for the Covenant.

Captain Rawan: It is an honor to meet you. Prince Azah has told me of your deeds in Sentinel, and I know you have General Thoda's respect as well. With you here, I think our chances of surviving this have improved tenfold.
Hero: Scholar Zhoreh wants you to send Shiri back to Bergama Goodbye.
Captain Rawan: Thank you for bringing me this message, albeit the scholar's apprentice was lost to me in the fighting. Regrettably, I fear that young Shiri was most likely ... slain. Of course, until you arrived, I believed we would soon share her fate.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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